Tuesday, May 28, 2013

something new

i have been working to find some new things to try and at the same time, receive a positive benefit from. and after much talking with friends and new people i've met, i am giving yoga a try.  okay, let me rephrase..i intend to give yoga a try. 

i had the most wonderful conversation with a really neat lady the other week, she is a yoga instructor and someone i think i could really learn and grow from.  i have a few friends who are really into yoga and one of them has been trying to bring it into the clients we serve at our place of employment. 

i am looking for something that allows me to connect with myself on a deeper and, quite frankly, better level.  Something that has me focusing on breathing, possibly meditation.  i am scared shitless i will not be able to do this for some reason.  completely irrational, i know, but it's something new and slightly intimidating and i am excited to try it.

ps.  everytime i typed yoga, i typed 'yoda' first....must be innate.  :)

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