Monday, February 25, 2013

Shut yer mouth!

i have a secret, one that i cannot share at this time, but it is causing me to channel my inner hobbit......"keep it secret, keep it safe."  that is what gandalf says to frodo in lotr.  this secret is a big one and one that requires secrecy for safety.   i realize i am being shifty with the secret talk, but just a handful of people know the secret and we have a while to go before things are public.  so when someone who is in the know starts running their mouth and saying things that could cause others to go "hmmmm," i am going to say something.  and i did.  it was a pretty big thing for me to do with this particular person, which is ultimately what led me to write today.

i stood up and said something, which is something i do not usually do with this person.  i have always tried to keep the peace, but that is coming to an end.  it is about frickin' time i speak up and i am happy with myself that i did so.

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