Wednesday, December 19, 2012

step one

we, or more precisely i, made the decision to have the children officially evaluated for sensory processing disorder (SPD) the other week.  what a squeaky wheel.  called OT and they need a referral from a doctor.  called the pedi and talked with two nurses about said referral and then waited three days to hear back if the pedi would make the referral.  late friday, we got the news she would and now i have been waiting again.  it's wednesday and no news.  so i call the pedi and yes, the referrals were faxed over.  call OT services and yes, they have received the referrals.  however, there is usually a waiting list for OT so she needs to check with the therapist to find out how soon she can get us in.  we'll get a call back when they can schedule us. 

deep breath denise.  in.  out.  in. out.

i need to remind myself we have taken step one.  the referral is done and in the hands of those who need it.  now it's just a waiting game.  and in the meantime, struggling to find new and effective ways to help my kids manage themselves. 

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