Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'm Baaaaaack

So, I resolved my issues with blogspot after having posting issues on wordpress.  And I'm back here.

Part of my decision in moving to a different local was a few select individuals who read my blog.  Then I thought about it.  And thought about it some more.  There are times I do not post what I really want to due to eyes that may be reading.  And my conclusion is, if someone doesn't like what I post.....then don't come here.  Simple as that.  Why do I have to leave a place I was comfortable in to avoid a situation?  I don't.  And I won't give that person power in that regard.

My apologizes to those who followed me over the wp.  I hope you keep up here again.

Love to you all in bloggy land.


Dawn said...

big thumbs up! I hope to be reading more of you soon :)

p.s. (my word verification below is "suckst". Is that a word? If not it should something sucked the suckst! LOL!

Christie O. said...

I'm glad to be catching up on blogs (finally!!!) miss ya girlie!!