Friday, March 12, 2010

Thoughts for a friend

A friend of the family is battling breast cancer. She's only 36 years old. Found the lump Feb 1st and had surgery a couple weeks ago. She has to do chemo, and possibly radiation. Any warm and fuzzy thoughts you could spare, please send them to Laura and her family.

I'm putting together a gift basket for her as she undertakes the chemo...any ideas. I've got a list already, but if someone has a great idea from experience, please let me know.


lizo12 said...

When tragedy has struck for me, food was nice... but there was WAY TOO much. I'd have to go around to the neighbors and deliver it to them so it wouldn't get wasted. it was just something else to worry about. But then when the food was gone I had to cook.

So, I've found that givng gift certificates to resturants that deliver to their home to be a favored idea. They can use it when they need it on their time.

Also in this case, maybe babysitng schedule if they have kids? or cleaning schedule? Movies, books.

That's all I can think of top of mind. I'm praying for your friend.

mumma boo said...

Sending prayers for Laura and her family...

You're very kind to be doing the gift basket. Restaurant gift certificates are good - if there are young kids, include some for their favorites, too. It'll make it a lot easier on the caregivers if they can just run into McD's or BK or wherever for a kid treat. The cleaning schedule, babysitting schedule, transportation to/from chemo schedule or transportation for the kids to their activities, will be a huge help. If people want to do food, do a "fill the freezer" project. Each person makes a meal that can be frozen for future use. Books, movies, word games, etc., to help pass the time at chemo or at other procedures are helpful, too.

Sarah said...

Nonsmelly lotions and nonsmelly bath salts (sometimes chemo affects smell), massage gift certificates, money (if she's going to get a wig they cost a lot), books and trashy mags for sitting through long chemo sessions, and mani-pedi certificates. My mom passed away from breast cancer and my SIL is in hospice right now from it (she was diagnosed at 36 as well.) Food was great, but when you go through chemo and radiation it does funny things to the tummy. I don't know where she's getting her chemo done, but if the office doesn't have wi-fi and she has a laptop, an internet card is always great. HTH

~Denise~ said...

Thanks ladies! She just got an ipod for treatments, so I'm getting an itunes gift card. Got her a journal and mug, both pink. A BN gift card for books. A lovely necklace.

Was also thinking of some of those soft socks that have aloe in them. And a stress ball, all natural lip balm, I heard green tea mints are good for the tummy, so I'm going to attempt to find them locally.

Dawn said...

D-Sarah's right, Chemo messes with the senses & smells & tastes get very weird or extreme to where the person can't stand even minor smells. I think your gift basket, beyond being really generous is right on the money! You have it right!

I hope she'll be OK. I'm hoping for the best for her and her family!