Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dead Weight

This title would be pretty descriptive of how I feel lately. Blah. Tired. Just want to crawl in bed and lay there. All day.

I'm coming down off my overwhelmed high of the walk and the busy month of May and entered my depressive state. It doesn't help that I'm on some new medication that may also seem to be assisting with fatigue.

My periods have been way whacked out for the past several months and after some checking with the doctor (gotta love the surprise gyno exam) and a rather lengthy ultrasound (findings: I have a large uterus and a cyst on one of my ovaries), he wants to put me on birth control to regulate my period. Shazaam. I don't need damn birth control anymore, dammit! My husband has been fixed! But I'm willing to give it a shot, or a ring in my case, to see if this will help out.

I'm just starting my second month on the ring and I hate it. Apparently, my odd size uterus also causes issues with my vagina. And the placement of the ring. The small print that comes with the packaging states that the ring may slip out during a bowel movement and that very low percentage of people can feel the ring up in the great wide openness that is my who-haw. But I can and it slipped out. Seriously, what a pain in the ass. Or should I say vagina?

Beyond the placement issues, I think this thing is causing my fatigue, nausea, leg pain, and a couple other small symptoms. And it just plain sucks. I'm thinking I should finish out the month to give it a go, but the leg pain could be a sign of blood clots, which isn't all that good. I occasionally get cramps in my calf muscle, say 1-3 crying, it hurts so bad, episodes per year. I've had about 5 in the last two weeks. Not so good.

Right now, my plan is to keep, or attempt to keep, the ring in through the week as we are going camping and I'm afraid Aunt Flo will start up again if I take it out. And let's face it, who the hell wants to go camping when you have your period. Double yuck. We get home, I think it's coming out. And I'll be back on the road to finding something that helps my freakin' weirdo body.


Robyn said...

You too huh? I hate my body right now as well! I have had 1 aunt flow visit since October. I have my tubes tied, and birth control pills don't work for me. My body cannot handle the extra added hormones. Doc won't put me on anything else. Had an ultrasound done, he says I have PCOS and that's that. Nothing else is said. I think I need a new doctor. So here's to hoping that things get back to normal soon, for both of us! Have fun camping!

mumma boo said...

Oh that sucks. I hope you feel better soon. Have a great time camping. You deserve some relaxation, kiddo.

lizo12 said...

Sorry you are dealing with this. I hope you find a solution soon. I have quite a few books on {ahem} female problems and hormones.. etc. I just lent one to a friend who's dealing with some similar problems. If you'd like it when she is done, or any others just let me know. I can mail them to you or bring them camping. Don't leave the ring in too long if you hate it.

Anonymous said...

yikes! that sucks! Bring some extra Captain Morgan camping and TRY to take a few minutes to find some calm.

**Thinking of you**

Anonymous said...

Hey Just to let you know - I have a friend that was having a lot of issues on that Ring. She went off of it and is all better. But I suggest getting off of that as soon as you can. Not a good thing! Hope it all works out!