Sunday, November 16, 2008

An Award

A fellow blogger, friend, and PE mom gifted me a blog award. Thanks Lori (over at House of Tafka) I also received it from another blogger, dearest mommy boo x2. Thanks ladies!!

In order to receive my award, I have to post six things that make me here goes. (in no particular order)

1. My family -- seriously, could I laugh harder and love more? Nope, not with my crew.

2. Cheesy Pretzel Pieces and Chips & Dip -- Okay, all food could go under here, but those are my FAVE snacks. And they are my comfort foods, so of course they make me happy.

3. Disney -- duh, if you know me, you know this is on my list. Specifically Walt Disney World. The feeling of pure joy and magic comes over me when I cross through the gates.

4. Internet -- quite honestly, I think I would go through serious withdrawl without it. I would die. For real. I'm being serious. Really. I LURVE it.

5. Reading -- let's me just say this, if I go too many days without a good book, I'm not a happy person. I feel out of sorts and crave reading. Ask my husband, he can tell you. I don't want to say I'm bitchy without it, but reading to me is such a joy and like breathing to me. It's something I simply must do.

I've got to pass this along to other bloggers I find creative in their bloggy style. And the award goes to.....

Christie @ Baby Tea Leaves -- lady, you make me laugh. Out loud. I love your peep shows too.

Kate @ Mother Words -- someone who inspires me to be a better writer

Jen @ Unique But Not Alone -- another who awes me with her eloquent words

(*sorry, I'm having puter issues and can't get links to work. argh!)


Aunt Becky said...

Now I totally am craving those pretzel bits. Yum.

Anonymous said...

So I can call you when I need tips for our trip to Disney? Sweet!!!