Monday, May 7, 2007

What makes a thumping sound and then cries?

How about your son tumbling down the stairs. Yes, the lil' guy had an accident this weekend and fell down the basement stairs. We were so scared, but he turned out none the worse for wear. Jason called me on my way home and I met him at the ER. The doc thought he looked pretty good, but with the contusion on the side of his head and the location, decided to do a CT scan. The sedation was the worst part I think. I was able to go with and stay with him while he was in the scanner. The nurse stays with him and they bring a pediatric resuscitation kit along in case he would crash. (This after they tell you the sedation is not that bad, and is quick) He had a minor reaction to the meds and he became pretty flushed and vomited what little was in his tummy. Poor guy! They were able to bring his temp down and after a bit he drank some of a bottle and kept it down. CT was clear and we were able to go home. Within a few hours he was wanting to walk around and play, although he was a bit unsteady due to the sedation yet. Today, his bruise is faded yellow and you'd never know what happened.

Let me tell you, no matter how positive you try to be...the worst still runs through your mind. That door is almost always kept closed, just for the simple reason is that it IS a magnet for kids. Somehow is was cracked open and he decided to explore. It was an accident, one that could have happened to anyone. But that doesn't make the guilt any less.

I was so happy that he didn't need tubes and hookups at birth, I never expected to see him with the O2 piping into his nose. I was fully unprepared for that sight, and that is what did me in, almost. I am so thankful he rolled rather than bonking end over end, and his noggin is alright.

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