Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A smile remembered

It's coming up on the anniversary of Julie's passing. Julie was a woman I met through my work at TWC. She found out she had recurrent breast cancer not long after I started working at the agency. I can vividly remember everyone sitting in the office waiting as she got the news. She put on such a brave face and of course tried to make a joke about losing her hair. While the time I knew her was brief, she made an impact on my life.

She loved life and had this beautiful smile. She knew how to have fun. This was a woman who had experienced immense heartache in her life, but you would never know it by looking at her. There was a depth of wisdom in her eyes and a kindness that just made you want to share your sorrows. She was always willing to lend a hand. The love for her family was easily viewable as she spoke of them.

It's been almost a year since she left her place on earth, but she is not forgotten.

Julie, you are missed.

For more info on breast cancer and what you can do to help fight it, visit the Susan G. Komen website:

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