Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The day in a life of a stay at home mom...

it can go well or not so well. I love my children and appreciate the opportunity that I get to see them grow up myself and not through a daycare provider's eye during the day. But there are times when being a SAHM is just not all it's supposedly cracked up to be.

The hours are long and demands can be high. There is no daily commute to unwind and destress. Some days it is a struggle to go to the bathroom by myself or eat my own lunch. The little one recently went through a phase where he wanted to be held constantly. If you put him down, he crawls after you with this pitiful cry. Trying to get household chores done is a nightmare. Most often we are attempting to clean after the kids are in bed. It's a 24/7 job.

Payment is received in hugs & kisses and those adorable moments you wish you could catch on film forever. Seeing your son experience his firsts, spending time with Ariana before she enters her elementary years. I know what's going on with my kids 24/7. We can play outside on a moment's whim or lay together on the floor and watch a movie. These are the times that are priceless to me and I will cherish forever.

Yes, being a stay at home mom can have it's days, but it's also fun with it's challenges.

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