Monday, February 19, 2007

Why can't you just get over it?

I was once asked this question in response to my talking about preeclampsia.

"Why can't you just get over it? "

To be honest, I was shocked at the question and really taken aback. Why should my passion for preeclampsia awareness be any different from someone who supports their favorite charity that hits close to their home? Just because I'm not pregnant anymore? After I thought about it, I was very upset and disappointed that I was asked this question.

Getting over preeclampsia would be a lovely idea. Really, it would. But this condition has affected our lives in a major way. Ariana was born 5 weeks early and spent two weeks in the hospital. Leaving the hospital without your baby is a horrible feeling and one I hope I never feel again. Phoenix's pregnancy was affected as well, but thankfully we made it to term with him. Both my babies were smaller at birth, and that may be caused by placental issues to do the hypertension. My daughter faces a risk of developing preeclampsia when and if she chooses to have children of her own. I now face other health concerns from having had preeclampsia. Due to my own health, and the future health of Ariana, I will not get over it.

The thing is is that we were amazingly lucky. We have two children who were able to come home. Countless other parents do not have their children here with them, they are angels now. There are too many babies lost to just simply get over it. Moms are lost too. Shelly and Anne were moms who loved their babies and unfortunately left them too soon due to preeclampsia. Because of the lost babies & moms, I will not get over it.

Preeclampsia is a condition that affects up to 8% of all pregnancies. That may not seem like alot, but I bet if you ask around you will most likely know someone who was affected with something in the spectrum of preeclampsia. PE is the leading known cause of prematurity. It is unknown what causes PE, and the only cure is delivery.

The organization that I am involved with is doing something to raise awareness, fund research, and better educate health care personnel. Preeclampsia is starting to be in the news more, and exciting research is being done on development of a test for PE. Fighting preeclampsia is a priority in my life, and I will do whatever I can to increase awareness and assist in this battle.

So, no. I cannot just get over it. Not until preeclampsia doesn't exist anymore. When there is a time that my daughter doesn't have to have a chance to experience this condition. I refuse to get over it.


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Anonymous said...

Keep up the fight, Denise. It's not over until we stop losing our moms and babies to this disease.

Jen said...

Me too! I've been asked that very same question.

Jen, mom of Grace & Meghan

Fiona said...

Oh i have also been asked this question and it makes my blood boil. I am so so so mad at some people who chose to turn away when we started our journey 12weeks and 2 days early due to pre eclampsia and hellp syndrome. Now they wonder why I am not so happy to see them. They think now that Airlie is big all is fine and we will forget what we have been through. They dont understand why I wnat to help others learn about the dangers of PE and HELLPS well it nearly killed me and Airlie so excuse me for wanting to save others the anguish of living this too.
phewww sorry about that that feels so much better now.
You posted on my mumspace Hi I'm Fiona i am a fellow PE and he HELLPS mummy who has one amazing girl who was born at 27+5 weighing 861grams or 1lb 14ozs
Now a big 14month old 11months corrected and around 8kg

love to chat to you girls more i have started up a website in Australia as the support and product base is very small
or you can email me at
you can read others stories and add your own too so if you like to share weather you had your baby prem or not please add as i want as may PE/HELLP stories as possible.
sorry that was long.

Take care

Fiona x