Sunday, January 1, 2012

the new year

i know most everyone makes some sort of promise to themselves for the new year and even though i find it slightly corny....i cannot help it.   i must do it.

i hope 2012 brings:
  • peace to our household
  • sleep, as in uninterrupted sleep
  • shedding of my of my fat arse, my preggo belly and firming up the jiggly arms
  • less yelling and more loving for our family
  • continued and growing friendships
  • getting even closer to being debt-free (hell yeah!)
  • falling in love with my partner all over again
  • lots of funny jokes with gut busting laughter
  • lots of changes at work, although i'm not too hopeful for this one
  • a smashing birthday party for the hubs as he turns the big 4-0
  • witnessing a dear friend reach one of his goals
  • two fantastic vacations with family
i guess i should stop now, huh?  don't want to be over the top, but i'm hoping more means at least a few occur in spectacular fashion.  ;)

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