Sunday, May 1, 2011

When you get older

Time sure flies by when you are older.  I recall my grandma and other "old" folks when I was young saying that time goes faster when you are older.  I scoffed at the idea.  Now I know it's true. Between appointments, busy work schedules, volunteer items and other various family things...the calendar has been full.  Wow.

I've got several Disney clients that I'm working with helping plan some pretty awesome vacations.  I'm quite jealous at the moment and was hoping I could fit into someone's suitcase, but I think I need to work out a bit more for that to happen.  And with the expected free dining offer coming soon, things will pick up more most likely.  I love what I do though, which makes it worth it. 

We are just over a month out from the Promise Walk and I am, like usual, behind in planning.  I'm not really sure where March and April went, so May is going to be busy as well with planning.  Trying to find entertainment and gather ideas for keeping the kids busy on walk day, continuing to gather sponsors for the raffle and monetary donations, getting the posters/brochures together and printed and distributed.  Thankfully I have a woman who stepped up to assist me this year, which has been a lifesaver this week in accomplishing all of the things we still need to take care of.  I know it will all come together, it always does.  But I also know that I'm a lunatic the month prior as we come closer to walk day.

Ari continues to be doing awesome with her moods and worries.  We have a follow up with the doc in a week or so.  Phoenix has been more of a challenge lately, pushing boundaries and just plain being a stinker.  J and I both have had lots of extracurriculars happening and things have been more bumpy lately, which is just plain great let me tell you.  Not. 

On a fun note, I'm prepping with some fellow ladies for a NKOTB concert in July.  Crimper, 80's clothes.  It's going to be fantastic! 

I think that's a quick recap of what's been happening with me. I have intended to sit down and write, but honestly by the time 10pm rolls around, I'm wiped.  I haven't had much time to take for myself and haven't taken the short time I have had for myself, but that's about to change.  It always takes a busy time for me to remember to nurture myself.

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