Monday, November 29, 2010


Some days I just do not know what to do or where to turn.  We had one of *those* evenings with A today.  It was a brief 15 minutes or so, but quite honestly I am tired of dealing with them.  And I know I can't be.  But some days are just too much.  I'm thankful today was only a short time and she had a quick and great recovery.  But man, it is such a roller coaster.

I have been trying to do some research on the web about children & anxiety, reading books, trying to gather and try new techniques.  But it never feels like I'm doing enough.  And at times, I am overwhelmed at having to do it all myself.  The husband is not taking my discussion of the medication possibility well, and I didn't respond very well to that.  Lovely, made myself feel even more like crap then.

I do not really have anything great to say and I guess I am wallowing a bit in self pity, needing to vent.


Dawn said...

On a completely different & lesser level, when we thought ours may have had ADD, we thought "what if meds are suggested"? We talked about it and the final conclusion was that we wanted what was best for our kid's well being, even if it made US feel insecure or like we weren't the "best parent" for not being able to make him better at dealing with his shortfall.

It sucks, but if it makes Ari be a "better self" and feel better in her skin, J will...or needs to come around. He needs time to get OK with the idea (I hope).

I had C's 1st grade teacher tell me that her son thanked her for putting him on meds. when he was young because with the meds, he felt more in control and more "normal". That really helped me think less of my pre-conceived notions, and more about what the better route may have been for C. It's not about J, but he needs time to wrap his head around this too. Best wishes to you, I hope you all get through this trying time.

Jamie said...

Vent away, lady. You deserve it! When we made the decision we kind of said "we will try this for 2 months and if things are better then we will continue and if not we will stop the meds." Would your husband maybe be open to trying them for a certain amount of time with the agreement that if things are not better after that amount of time then you can stop the meds? I so wish you lived closer so your hubby could talk to my 6 year old- her words of how her life has changed after starting medicine are quite convincing. I think about you often and hope things get better for your family soon!