Sunday, July 11, 2010

Panic Spectrum

Most people that know me IRL are aware that in most instances of my life I am a planner.  Yes, one of those Type A planners who has to have almost everything spelled out ahead of time.   If I don't, the panic sets in.  At the moment, the panic train has made a stop at our home and I am being whipped around on that sucker. 

We close on the house this coming Friday.  And because I still have 5-6 days where "something" could happen, I am in slight panic.  Not to mention that we have less than two weeks to move and packing, while commenced, still needs some work.  We want to paint the kid's rooms this weekend and now I only have a sitter for one day and am on the search for the other.  (sigh.  It never ends.)  We still don't know if we are going to rent a truck to move or not (longer story).  I figured buying a house was stressful, but I didn't truly comprehend just how much. 

My day job has been spectacular.  Not.  (wow, haven't used that phrase in forever)  I'm trying to finish up a report on an offender for the courts and have it completed tomorrow.  Now, I will own the fact that I did some major procrastination with this report and it's totally coming back to bite me in the ass now.  Awesome.   The panic for work is coming in with two court hearings in the next week or so.  I will have to most likely testify at both, something that I have yet to do.  Even more awesomeness.  The one is on Friday in the morning and we close on the house in the afternoon, nothing like ruining my day.  :)   There are days when I love what I do, but some days are just hard.  We deal with difficult and emotional situations.  I try not to bring it home, but there are days when I rides home in my back pocket with me and sneaks up when I have a free minute or attempt to fall asleep. 

Did I mention that we have packing to do?  And guess where my husband is right now.  In bed, completely sick and hung over.   I don't care to say much beyond that as I'm trying to not be  a negative nelly in this post, but failing miserably it seems.

On the to see some terrific fireworks last evening with my kiddos.  I made a difficult decision eariler this week and fretted about it, but ultimately said no and did what was best for me.  I am trying to reign in the chaos that is our life this summer and this decision was part of that.  And best of all, this week we'll have the keys to our house!!!


ryansmom said...

Think positive~ the house is going to close with flying colors, you'll be great on the stand, and you do your best work under pressure. Friday is going to be one of the best days of your life. All your work stuff will be done for that case and you will be holding the keys to your new house. Wow, you have a lot on your plate but somehow you will pull through. Best wishes.

Dawn said...

SO excited for you on the house, and I know how that stress does feel. However, it's one thing that you will soon look back on and realize it all worked out.

Best wishes, and hope it all turns out for the better!dults

Saffy said...

Can I prescribe a glass of wine? ;)

All the best - I too am a planner - and sometimes it bites (haven't used that phrase in a while either :) ) having to go with the flow.

In a month's time you'll be moved!!!!

mumma boo said...

Deep breaths! It will all work out - most likely not the way you planned, but it will all come together. By Friday night, you'll be sipping wine in your new house while making a zillion plans of what you're going to do when you've moved in. And remember, it doesn't all need to get done right away. We're still tweaking our house 10 years later! Good luck! You'll be great!!

ryansmom said...

Friday is almost here, I hope you are still hanging in there. : )