Thursday, May 21, 2009

A question that will never be answered

I went to good old Wally World the other evening and got struck by the express lane capers. You know, those people who clearly have more items than the express lane is meant for.


Why? Why do you think it's okay to get in the express lane when you have a cart full of crap?

Myself and my 4 items had to wait in line for a couple who had 37, yes I counted, items. Make-up, shampoo, about 100 packets of Crystal Lite, hair color and tampons were among the highlights.

The signs says "20 Items or Less". 20 vs 37. Take your beauty products and tampons to lane 13 where everyone else and their full carts are headed. The problem is I'm much too damn nice (or perhaps polite) to actually throw a public stink about it. I'd rather bitch about it to everyone else. Although I did entertain the thought of speaking with the store manager about having their employees come down on those who abuse the express lane. But, then I remembered where I was shopping at. Where some of the employees lack manners.

And just came home to bitch.


Robyn said...

As a former wally world employee (i'm talking YEARS and YEARS ago)..the managers won't do anything about it. Neither do the cashiers..they are trained to take whatever comes up to the register. 5 items or 50, especially if they aren't all that busy or don't have a huge line. Me, on the other hand, never go to those registers if I have over 25 items. It's like that "20 item or less" is just a random number thrown up there, or more of a guideline that's never followed.

Anonymous said...

I hear you! Drives me nuts too, and I also count items others have...if they seem excessive.
I felt guilty having 16 items in the 15 or less today at the grocery store. Some poor guy w/a salad and 1 other thing had to wait for me all because I needed the butterscotch pudding cups in addition to the chocolate ones.
Why do we considerate people feel guilty about following the rules, when the inconsiderate a-holes exist in such large numbers?

Sorry about your experience. It just really socks that damn place is so close to you, otherwise it'd be easier to NOT go there!