Thursday, January 8, 2009


I need to get cracking on planning for our awareness walk for 2009. And this is something I've been procrastinating on big-time. I need to select a walk location (anyone who's local...have any suggestions?) and start working on collecting sponsors.

Quite honestly, I feel wacko with all the thoughts and ideas I have running through my head for the walk. But I'm nervous that my plans will be bigger than the amount of people we have show up. Then I'm nervous that I'll plan for not enough walkers. Aye aye aye.


Anonymous said...

It will all work out. You just have to make the first decision and the rest will fall into place from there. From my conference planning days, we always added 15% more to our committed number because people ALWAYS came in at the last minute. I'm not local, but if you need help brainstorming or setting timelines or anything else that can be done via e-mail, I'm only a click away.

Anonymous said...

You know I'm in. Nine Mile would be great. They do runs & biking there too so I'd think they'd even have some distances measured.
If you want it more centralized, doing something downtown would bring a bunch more attention.

You gotta do the balloons again like the last walk. That was very nice in its significance.

5onfaith said...

I'm impressd at how well you do the walk Denise! It's easy for me to say, but no worries - - you are od hat at it now and you don't even know it....this is going to be the best year yet!