Friday, October 26, 2007

Makes Me Sad

I'm a bit sad at an email forward that I got this afternoon. It's entitled "Welfare Poem." I admit that I usually delete some of the emails like this without even opening them. Well, this one I had to open. And I wish I didn't. I received this from two people I know and used to work with. The poem speaks of the free money you get when you're poor and how you can buy big houses and trucks. It's coming from an immigrants point of view, but it still bothered me. As someone who benefited from "welfare" I take offense to it. My mom worked her ass off to provide a good home, but we just couldn't do it by ourselves. The poem also talks of how welfare families rent houses to trash, and that they breed to get more money.

It just makes me sad that people trash others who are coming to this country to seek a better life. Are there scammers out there who maximize the system, sure. But not everyone is like that. I guess what bothered me the most was that in the lost list of email addresses, one of the first ones was from a woman who worked in an OB setting at a major clinic in town. It makes me wonder how she, or others, treat patients who come in and have medical assistance. I hope it's the same as someone with a PPO or HMO, but unfortunately I know it's not. I recall trying to share some experiences and information to fellow coworkers when they would badmouth patients on MA.

Why can't we just respect one another?

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