Monday, December 18, 2006


At times I think my children are clueless when it comes to sleep. Naptimes have become a battleground with Ana. The little guy barely takes longer than a 15-20 m nap at a time. When I can get them both down for the count together, it's a great day. Or on some days, like today, I'm frustrated and pissed off because neither one is sleeping and therefore is crabby. ;-) I love my kids, I do. But sleep is not on their radar during the day. And some nights. Bless their hearts, both kids have slept through the night the last few nights.

It's amazing how much we treasure sleep now. Also, how we can function as human beings when sleep is in short supply. What I wouldn't give for a non-interrupted night of sleep and a nap of my own during the day.

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