Sunday, November 20, 2005

10 weeks

Here we are at 10 1/2 weeks! I'm feeling okay. Much better now that I'm off that yucky medicine. I still have morning sickness and the scale number is moving down, but it's livable. I'm very tired which people tell me is normal. At this point, I feel almost the same as I did with Ariana. My OB's office has a new OB start this month, and I made my next appt with him. I'm still coming to terms with being pregnant and not having Robin there. I think some of the grieving process recycled again as after I found out I was pg, I became sad then angry with him for not being here. When you have such implicit trust in someone and that person saves your life and is now gone, it's a difficult thing to handle. Many people do not understand that, and have shared so with me. But most of them do not have that close of a relationship with their physicians. We owe Robin so much and his loss is felt by so many. He was such a special person. I'm at the point where I am freaking out about being pregnant and what are we going to do with two kiddos. At times, I still can't believe I'm pregnant. I know everything will work out, but I still worry.

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